Al-Anon 11th Step
Weekend Retreat
Photos of Pyramid Life Center
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Pyramid Life Center is the perfect setting for deepening your spiritual connection with the higher power of your understanding.
The land, lake, mountains and wildlife support healing and peace.
Enjoy this beautiful setting
 with your recovery family!
Dates & Times   Friday July 13 to Sunday July 15, 2018:  arrive 5 pm Friday, depart noon Sunday
Facilitator:  Anne Samson (me!)
Cost:   $125
Accommodations: Rustic 
Food:    Simple and plentiful
Register: On the Pyramid Life Center website:

Journaling as a Spiritual Practice
Weekend Retreat

​​Autumn at Pyramid Lake! As color kisses the leaves, come closer to the God of YOUR understanding by developing and deepening your spiritual journalig practice. The sacred space of Pyramid Life Center will support us in our journaling journey. Come and enjoy! 

Dates: September 14-16, 2018
Cost: $130
Register:  On the Pyramid Life Center website     ​